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dbongino: @AmbEacho You’re a former US ambassador who just asked me on a public platform if I was a “bot.” Meaning either: 1) You’re a level one dipshit with the IQ of a power drill OR 2) Actually, there is no option 2. You’re just a dipshit.

dbongino: @AmbEacho You’re a former US ambassador who just asked me on a public platform if I was a “bot.” Meaning either: 1) You’re a level one dipshit with the IQ of a power drill OR 2) Actually, there is no option 2. You’re just a dipshit. submitted by thefeedbot to TheTwitterFeed [link] [comments]

Opções Binarias | Novo CRON BOT para operar na IQ OPTION tudo automático...

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Automated Trading Bots? Serious question

Been interested in giving one of these a try, I saw IQ Options bot and has anyone had any experience with these software?
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Upgrade from Olympus E-M10 Mk. II, but where to go?

Hi everyone. So i was a Nikon DSLR APS-C shooter fro almost 10 years since last year ,when I switched to Olympus for a more compact size and ease of travel. I mainly shoot landscapes, cityscapes and some street and portraits from time to time.
The little olympus did it's job, but I feel i am missing out dynamic range and iso performance, which i knew from the start it was not as good as APS-C.
I've aquired a heap of lenses this past year as follows: 12-40 F2.8 pro, 7artisans 7.5mm 2.8, panasonic 25mm 1.7, Olympus 45 1.8 and panasonic 100-300 mk. I. Really cheap system if you ask me, and that's the best thing of MFT format. All of the lenses above were a bargain each.
Now i would like to go up a notch, and upgrade. But here's the catch, i can:
  1. Upgrade to an E-M1 Mk. II or E-M5 Mk. III and keep all my glass. This option seems viable, since it reequires the least amount of cash to shell out of my pocket, but remain on MFT format. the 20mpx sensors the above have are really that better than my actual 16mpx in terms of image quality and DR? I know the focus is much better and they both have weather sealing. But I'm interested in pure IQ gain.
  2. Sell everything and go for Fuji. I really love fuji, but the only camera in my budget that will also have IBIS is a used X-H1. And fuji glass is expensive. But i gain much better DR and iso performance.
  3. Sell everything and go for full frame. And again, budgetwise, the camera i can afford would be a used Sony A7 II. Best IQ of the bunch, real bookeh! but bad screen and viewfinder, less effective ibis and glass is expensive as well.
I know this is a long post, bot I have these 3 options in my head for a few months now, since my camera can't deliver exactly what i want.

Thanks for your time, hope i can finally decide on wht to do with your help.
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Trophy gallery, part 2 (With help from u/Gwultz)

(Thank you to u/Gwultz for helping me with these trophy descriptions. Huge shout out to 'em.) With that being said, here's "Best of the Smash AU trophy gallery, part 2."

Dennis (alt 2)
You'd think that Dennis would take to the merging of all dimensions into the world of trophies like a fish out of water, but not long after the Neo Subspace Army rose, he took a job from SMG3 to serve as a primary enforcer. From duking it out with Noctis in a high-speed vehicular duel to defending the Toppat transport train, this furious fish has a bad habit of rigging fights in his favor by keeping several stolen Endoskeletons on standby to attack. What a crook!
Flamethrower Bare Endo
I'm certain you're wondering how we at Fazbear Incorporated build all your Fazbear friends+ to life, then look no further than Flamethrower Bare Endo! His high pressure flamethrower allows him to fuse all the bits and pieces together with jaw-dropping ease, and he doesn't require eat or sleep!++ From Friendo Endo+++ to even ol' Freddy himself, you can take heart in knowing that every single one of our classic characters was built to last.
+This phrase is copyrighted by Fazbear Incorporated, and use of it for business or pleasure without proper consultation from the Fazbear legal team is grounds for us to sue.
++Fazbear Corporate cannot and will not confirm or deny any accusations of us forcing our workers to neglect eat and sleep regardless. Remember: You can't prove anything!
+++Due to a minor shipping snafu, Flamethrower Bare Endo and Friendo Endo share remarkably similar serial numbers and other such internal data, so Fazbear Incorporated is not responsible for any damage incurred if, by some miraculous mix-up, Flamethrower Bare Endo is delivered to your house instead of Friendo Endo, even and especially if Flamethrower Bare Endo goes haywire. Again, you can't prove anything!
First appearance: FNAF AR: Special Delivery
Doctor Zomboss
Full name Edgar George Zomboss. This postmortem brainiac maniac graduated from college at the top of his thanatology class, and immediately set about the construction of a powerful Zombot mech and a massive zombie army, seeking to dominate his local suburban subdivision. Short in stature and in temper, Zomboss is quick to berate his zombie troopers whenever a plan to beat the plants goes pear-shaped. First appearance: Plants vs. Zombies
King Knight
Once thought to be the champion who would save the valley from the Enchantress, King Knight let his pride and ambition go to his head, and soon turned against the people to join her evil Order of no Quarter. Cocky, blustering, and eager to set straight any who dare to knock him from his usurped throne, this gilded goon is a force to be reckoned with, even in spite of his soft spot for his beloved mother. First appearance: Shovel Knight: Shovel of Hope
Coming from a long line of evil tyrants , Kaos strives to defeat the Skylanders and conquer the Skylands once and for all, both to satiate his own pride and to one-up his much more successful family. Though his arrogance and lack of evil street-smarts often comes back to bite him, he is still not to be underestimated. His DOOMSHARKS are a sight to behold! First appearance: Skylanders: Spyro's adventure (console edition)
The two warring deities of light and dark, Galeem and Dharkon, were so preoccupied with their battle against the Smash Brothers and each other that they were thoroughly unprepared for Ultron (now possessing the body of YHVH) infecting them both with his highly advanced new Ultron virus. Seeking to satisfy his own morbid curiosity as well as defeat the Smashers, the AI fused the two gods into Ahlgon, God of dusk. With both gods still locked in bitter combat inside this unstable fusion, Ahlgon is constantly at war within itself, and now craves the bitter yet merciful embrace of death even as it lashes out at the Smashers with everything it has. First appearance: Super Smash Brothers AU
Makoto Yuuki (Persona series)
This second year student is different than most: Having a bit of Death trapped within him, he found the Ability to form bonds with others. First appearance: Persona 3
This cherry loving Stand user had 50 days of friendship, before he sacrificed himself to reveal the stand ability of DIO. First appearance: Jojo's bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders.
One of the primary commanders of the Subspace army, Duon packs two varieties of punch. His blue half can cleave foes in two with a flurry of sword strikes and charge attacks, while his pink half can lay down hurt from afar using two arm cannons and a mortar integrated into his head. Neo Tabuu expended plenty of Shadow Bugs in order to bring Duon back, but as a result of the damage sustained in his first bout against the Smashers on the battleship Halberd, Duon has gone from strong-but-silent war machine to chipper, occasionally snarky assistant bot, though he retains his deadly combat ability and loyalty to Tabuu. First appearance: Super Smash Brothers Brawl
You thought that it was a different trophy, but it was him! DIO (all caps necessary) has been the vampiric mortal foe of the Jojo family line for generations. Though he doesn't have Death himself on his side like a certain other vampire, he does have a flair for the dramatic, significant physical prowess, and a powerful stand that allows him to freeze time for ten seconds. However, he's quite cocky, which tends to be his downfall more often than not. So, kind of like Dracula, but with a bit of Bowser thrown in, which would explain his passing resemblance to one of the Koopa King's alternate skins.... First appearance: Jojo part 1
Henry Stickmin
A kleptomaniacal stick figure with plenty of adventures under his belt, Henry's gotten himself in and out of too many jams to count. Stealing gems, busting out of prisons, bringing down criminal organizations, you name it, he's done it, in spite of (or perhaps because of) his wildly unpredictable luck. Though Henry started out as a simple petty thief, later games in his series would allow players to set him on more altruistic paths. One has to wonder, what's next for him? First appearance: Breaking the Bank (or crossing the pit if you want to get technical)

Yang Xiao Long
Ruby's older sister, and quite the brawler! With her dual shotgun gauntlets, Ember Celica, she can hit quite hard. And with her semblance, Burn, you can bet she's a bartender's worst nightmare! First appearance: Yellow trailer, or RWBY Volume 1
He has chortles! This green Beanbean Kingdom Resident fights using his vaccum helmet, and an arrangement of technology! First appearance: Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga (2003)
Aperture Science Turret
Standing guard over the long abandoned testing facilities of Aperture Science, these Turrets operate on a simple, yet effective, subroutine: if something catches their eye, they'll shoot. Simple as that. Each turret eschews the traditional gunpowder-using chamber mechanism in favor of launching bullets with springs. Though each projectile packs way less of a punch because of this, it allows them to store 100% more bullet per bullet. First appearance: Portal
Kaos tasked this big bot with drilling for the lost city of Arkus at his big rig. Drill-X often got bored with the monotonous process, and attempted to alleviate his boredom by picking up a side career in rapping, so don't be surprised if he spits fire as hot as the fireballs launched from his drill during battles against him. After being defeated by the Giants and taking on the brief career as a chef, Drill-X returned as part of the Neo Subspace army, integrating himself into Metal Gear REX to dish out twice the painful payback. First appearance: Skylanders Giants (console edition)
Star allies sparkler
You thought the Dragoon and the friend star packed a pink punch? Take a look at this baby! By harnessing the power of their best friendships, Kirby and his Star allies transformed the friend star into this new vehicle to chase after Void Terminia. With the ability to fire powerful charged unison blasts and fly at the speed of light, the Neo Subspace Army got a firsthand taste of friendship power at the wings of this baby in chapter 999: The great invasion 2: electric boogaloo. Even I have to say it, that scene was awesome! First appearance: Kirby Star Allies
Hole punch (Paper Mario)
Hole punch loves to jam out to some sick beats! In the Neo Subspace army, he serves under King Olly AND Neo Tabuu! First appearance: Paper Mario the Origami King (2020)
Belle Fontire
Tascorp's very own Meta Runner was actually on the heroes side during Subspace 2. The only thing that matches her gaming skill is her attitude! First appeareace: Meta Runner (2019)
Fall Guy (alt one)
The Fall Guys game show was rife with a variety of comical yet painful booby traps, ranging from bouncy bumpers to swinging wrecking balls, and Fall Guy can wield and deploy all of them as part of his move set. This is a bit of a triple-edged sword: these traps can launch him around just as much, but Fall Guy has the unique ability to deal damage to enemies he gets launched into. Sometimes it's worth taking a knock on the noggin to close out that final win! First appearance: Fall Guys
Doctor Zomboss (alt 2)
When Zomboss was called into another dimension by Neo Tabuu, he had fully expected to leave the Subspace demigod speechless with his intellect and zombie army. However, it was the Doctor who was left speechless, as the neon butterfly of death threw him out on his ear. Fuming from this humiliation, the brainiac maniac found a kindred spirit in Kaos, who was similarly rejected. Though the two at first bickered over who would conquer where and who was the bigger evil genius, both undead and dark portal master soon found that they had plenty in common, such as hatred of a bearded arch-enemy's army and the incompetence of their minions, and hit it off swimmingly from there. Now the dastardly duo seek to put pay to both the Smash Brothers and the Neo Subspace Army, and rule over all worlds for all time. First appearance: Plants vs. Zombies
Ruby Rose (Alt 2)
Ruby has seen death itself now. ANd now, in her Mistral outfit, she's ready to take on anything! (Yet the dead are still alive) and she's ready to help the heroes! First appearance: RWBY volume 1
Wheatley (Portal)
Wheatley is now in control of the facility, and Neo Tabuu makes sure to check on him and his little death traps. Wheatley was secretly planning on getting his vengeance on GlaDoS, and the person who threw him into space.
Bare Endo
Though we at Fazbear incorporated make our top priority to bring food, fantasy, and fun to families of all shapes and sizes, we still have a business to run, so you'll have to understand if renting out our beloved characters through our patented Special Delivery app is a touch above your budget. But that doesn't mean we can't offer a more affordable option to bring yourself some joy! Introducing Friendo Endo! Available for rent at a discounted price from the rest of your Fazbear Friends, Endo won't let his lack of a costume stop him from giving you a fun time, and you can dress him however you want! And for a small additional fee, we'll send him to your home decked out with the latest in AnimStealth technology. Friendo Endo, the latest addition to the Fazbear Family, dedicated to bringing you Food, Fantasy, and Fun! (Brought to you in partnership with the Neo Subspace Army. Warning: Fazbear incorporated is not responsible for any damage incurred if Endo goes haywire, including damage to hearing sustained from his stunning sonic screech. Remember: you can't prove anything!) First appearance: FNAF 2
Neo Tabuu puts these walking bundles of shadow bugs back into the fray as cannon fodder, but due to his more limited supply of power, these guys are a little less concentrated, from a literal and figurative sense. They'll just as often engage in dress-up as they will attack you, and one even joins Captain Goomba against the Subspace Army. They just don't make em like they used to, I suppose... First appearance: Super Smash Brothers Brawl
Hyness and his three Mage generals were banished by the ancients for resorting to drastic measures to stop a great galactic crisis, and the leader of the Jamba cult was driven mad by this injustice. Seeking to get revenge on them, Hyness attempted to summon the dark God of destruction Void Termina, the strongest warrior in the galaxy Galacta Knight, and even sought to draw upon power from Another Dimension, corrupting him and his Mages in the process. Thankfully, Kirby and his friends defeated the officiant of doom and his generals at every turn, eventually purifying them with his friend hearts. Hyness is now back to being the kind soul he used to be, but he can still be a bit senile.... First appearance: Kirby Star Allies
The Necrodancer
Once a humble bard named Octavian, the mad whispers of the golden lute warped his mind, body, and soul. Now standing guard over his crypt, the Necrodancer raises an army of undead and monsters with his malicious melodies, and any who try to take his lute will be on the receiving end of of a deadly power chord! First appearance: Crypt of the Necrodancer
Dennis (alt 2)
You'd think that Dennis would take to the merging of all dimensions into the world of trophies like a fish out of water, but not long after the Neo Subspace Army rose, he took a job from SMG3 to serve as a primary enforcer. From duking it out with Noctis in a high-speed vehicular duel to defending the Toppat transport train, this furious fish has a bad habit of rigging fights in his favor by keeping several stolen Endoskeletons on standby to attack. What a crook!
Flamethrower Bare Endo
I'm certain you're wondering how we at Fazbear Incorporated build all your Fazbear friends+ to life, then look no further than Flamethrower Bare Endo! His high pressure flamethrower allows him to fuse all the bits and pieces together with jaw-dropping ease, and he doesn't require eat or sleep!++ From Friendo Endo+++ to even ol' Freddy himself, you can take heart in knowing that every single one of our classic characters was built to last.
+This phrase is copyrighted by Fazbear Incorporated, and use of it for business or pleasure without proper consultation from the Fazbear legal team is grounds for us to sue.
++Fazbear Corporate cannot and will not confirm or deny any accusations of us forcing our workers to neglect eat and sleep regardless. Remember: You can't prove anything!
+++Due to a minor shipping snafu, Flamethrower Bare Endo and Friendo Endo share remarkably similar serial numbers and other such internal data, so Fazbear Incorporated is not responsible for any damage incurred if, by some miraculous mix-up, Flamethrower Bare Endo is delivered to your house instead of Friendo Endo, even and especially if Flamethrower Bare Endo goes haywire. Again, you can't prove anything!
First appearance: FNAF AR: Special Delivery
Young Anakin
Before he was the towering dark lord of the Sith, or even before he was the trusted Jedi partner of Obi-Wan, Anakin Skywalker was a child, just like you or me. Born into a life of slavery, young Ani spends his time scavenging for parts to tinker with, and he's surprisingly resourceful for a boy his age, having built a protocol droid and repaired a defunct pod racer all on his own. However, his unnaturally high midichlorian count, as well as his desire to deliver him and his mother to better lives at any cost, serve as sobering reminders to his final destiny. First appearance: Star Wars episode I: The Phantom Menace
A vicious, cold-blooded predator, Dennis makes his living as an assassin and hired thug, and he really enjoys his work. In addition to his combat knife, he also makes use of his spiky boots to literally stomp out his targets. Holding a major chip on his shoulder ever since SpongeBob and Patrick managed to slip away from him, Dennis is determined to always get his man. First appearance: The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie
Bowser's castle hangout
It's true what they say, "A koopas home is his castle." The infamous king Bowser Koopa spends most of his time here waiting for Mario to show up and rescue Peach. Pick your poison wisely when fighting on this perilous stage. The left side is populated with firebars and Thwomps looking to catch unsuspecting guests. The right side seems much more innocuous, but keep an eye on that axe- one good hit will send it tipping over, knocking the bridge out. It'll come back eventually of course, but anyone standing there when it collapses will take an extra steamy lava bath! First appearance: Super Mario Bros.
An annual contest where builders from all around the world show off their skills, the big winners of Endercon get a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to meet the famous warrior of the Order of the Stone, Gabriel. A large central platform will instantly be constructed in the middle for fighters to duke it out, but plenty of builds will show up for you to stand on, be them on or off the stage. Just don't get too comfy on them, cause they'll soon be taken down for the next build to take their time in the sun. First appearance: Minecraft story mode
Rubber band
One of the members of King Olly's legion of stationary, Rubber Band fancies themself an entertainer, even though their stage plays are all designed to bring an end to their King's most persistent foe, Mario. Pull back the proverbial gossamer curtain with the 1000-fold arms will reveal the elastic entertainers significantly less impressive true form, but they won't simply give up there, and will launch themselves into the portly plumber at the speed of sound for big damage. First appearance: Paper Mario: the origami king
Robo Right Hand Man
Even Henry defeating him on the Toppat airship isn't enough to put this persistent thug down for keeps. Brought back to life as a cyborg, RHM now has several powerful weapons integrated directly into his body, notably rocket thrusters and a laser eye. Depending on what choices the player made after defeating him, ol' Righty could end up as the new boss of the Toppats, or even working alongside Henry. First appearance: Completing the Mission
Night guard office
A simple desk equipped with buttons to close the heavy duty doors and a security monitor, this office has served many a Fazbear night watchman well, or so the company claims. As a stage, fighters will be shrunken down to fit on the desk. Just be sure to hit the door buttons when you spot an animatronic in the doorway! While they'll pay no mind to you, the nasty sight will leave fighters paralyzed for a time.
hey, izanos! It's everyone's favorite Pa_er Mario boss, Doo_liss! This ghouls _owers go behind even sha_eshifting, as he can steals someone's name and body easy as _ie! Though Doo_liss had a bit of an aloof, _unkish streak, he did turn over a new leaf by the end of his home game and and started a career acting in _lays. Maybe that's why _eo_le were so _leased to see him make a _layable debut here! First a_earance: Pa_er Mario: the thousand year door
sssss.... KAPOW! That's the sound a creeper will make when it sneaks up behind you and combusts without warning, depriving you of all your things and sending you right back to your bed. Fans of Minecraft love to hate the creeper so much, it's seen as an unofficial mascot for the game. Just don't be so mad at them you lose your cool and try to strike them with lightning, or you'll charge them right up. The only thing rarer than a charged Creeper is a player who survives an encounter with one! First appearance: Minecraft
Tourist trap island
This Neighborville tourist hotspot just sort of showed up one day, but who can resist a lovely tropical island? However, it's not all fun and games in paradise, as the evil Doctor Zomboss has staffed the island with his loyal undead minions, and seeks to use his diabolical weather machine to leave any passing cruise ships stranded as brain meals! As a stage, fighters will be caught in unpredictable gale force winds at the base of the primary storm machine. Keep that switch pushed into the off setting, or you'll spend more time getting pushed around then you will fighting. First appearance: Plants vs. Zombies: Battle for Neighborville
Aw, isn't this just the most adorable little thing?.... Actually, not really. With its creepy vacant stare and needle-sharp teeth, Plushtrap was presumably an ill-fated attempt by Fazbear Incorporated to break into the world of marketable plushes. Still, at least it's not out to murder you like the animatronic it's based off of. Hold on, did it just move? First appearance: FNAF 4
Trash and the gang
Budget options for the budding pizzeria owner, Trash and the gang are.... I mean.... They're better than nothing, I suppose. They don't sing, they don't dance, they don't even stay together half the time, but they'll do until you can get some proper moolah under your belt. Even when they returned in the Ultimate Custon Night, the only way they could hinder players was by making distracting noise. I'm not sure these guys will live on in the hearts of children. First appearance: FNAF pizzeria simulator
King Boo
The spectral monarch of all ghosts, King Boo once tried to trick Mario into being trapped in a haunted mansion, only to be foiled by his brother Luigi. This left the ghost King with a major bone to pick against the number 2 plumber, and he's hounded poor Luigi to the ends of the earth ever since, hoping to extract revenge. Armed with his power-enhancing crown and mighty illusionary powers, this is one Boo you definitely wouldn't want to meet in a dark alley, and even staring him right in the eyes won't keep you safe from him for long. First appearance: Luigi's Mansion
Doctor Zomboss (alt 1)
Zomboss is more of a hands-off type of commander, preferring to hang back and pummel plants from afar with a barrage of projectiles. Thrown wrenches and zombie heads do the job nicely, but for something a little meatier, he can whip out on of many miniature Zombot heads to launch more powerful projectiles depending on what Zombot it is, such as fire breath, missiles, or an incursion of imps. To keep enemies from reaching him before he can start firing away, Zomboss relies on the other half of his arsenal: Zombie summoning. Bucket headed Meatshields, lightning fast Pole vaulters, or more unorthodox picks like Jesters and Jack-in-the-boxers, one thing is for sure, they'll lay down massive hurt while Zomboss plugs away!
Zombot's wrath
Breaking open the Smash Ball as Doctor Zomboss will summon his most powerful creation to the battlefield: The Zombot 9000. Bombarding the stage with elemental breath attacks while summoning huge waves of zombies, foes are sure to get stomped one way or another. For the figurative cherry on top, the Zombot throws a Winnebago before flying away, launching whoever gets hit and ensuring some poor soul has to live with insurance premiums that go through the roof.
A cold and callous shell of a man, Takaya is the leader of Strega, a group who stands in opposition to S.E.E.S and seeks to bring about the fall of man. Takaya lacks empathy, seeing anything not done for one's own gain or indulgence as useless, and holds the bitter and nihilistic view that all of humankind craves death. Unlike S.E.E.S, Takaya doesn't need an evoker to summon his Persona, which may be for the best. Imagine if he confused it with his revolver, or vice versa! Actually, that'd probably make him much easier to deal with. First appearance: Persona 3
The Lich (EtG)
Awaiting all worthy challengers in the depths of Bullet Hell is the Lich, the timeless and immortal master of the Gungeon. Some think that this Revenant with a revolver used to be the first who conquered the Gungeon, but it's doubtful that any can confirm these claims, and the Lich himself isn't telling. With a supremely steady eye and the itchiest trigger finger you've ever seen, defeating the Lich is an impossibility for all but a master marksman. First appearance: Enter the Gungeon
This tool is one of few things that allow a Persona user to call upon their Persona in the real world. Despite its resemblance to a pistol, this is purely for show, and the user is in no danger when they point it at themselves and pull the trigger. However, it does force the user to subconsciously confront the possibility that they may die there, and these feelings of stress are what allow their Persona to surface. First appearance: Persona 3
Rival to SMG4, this mad machinimist wants payback against him ever since he got caught stealing content. He's made a few attempts to go straight, but circumstances have turned against him as of recent, tragically setting him firmly on the path of do-baddery. Though his scheme have had limited success in the past, he might just be able to harness the power of the YouTube Remote to turn the tables on his more popular counterpart and establish an iron grip over YouTube once and for all. Fun fact: he has a doctorate in psychology! First appearance: SMG4 vs SMG3 (SMG4 series)
Captain Smasher
The nastiest undead menace to ever set sail, Captain Smasher was sealed away for many years, only to be freed by the Dave-bot 9000 as part of a misheard request for Crazy Dave's birthday gift. Armed with a cannon and a craving for vitamin C, this cruel captain is immune to damage unless you vanquish his cursebearers first. First appearance: Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare 2
Bullet Kin
These adorable little guys make up the first line of defense for the Gungeon, but don't let this looks fool you. Bullet kin, like all Gundead, are belligerent by nature, so don't be afraid to show them who's boss. Though Bullet Kin are simple enough opponents on their own, huge numbers can easily overwhelm an unprepared Gungeoneer, and some can come with rapid fire capabilities or the foresight to lead their shots to boot. To make a long story short, cuddling is a bad idea. First appearance: Enter the Gungeon
The gun that can kill the past
Contained in a musty chest hidden in the depths of the fifth chamber of the Gungeon, TGTCKTP, rather than shooting the enemy, shoots its wielder back in time to the moment of their greatest regret. Even though such an artifact has driven many to madness trying and failing to find and use it, you'd be surprised at what people would be willing to go through for that second shot. Matter of fact, maybe if I..... What am I saying?! Never mind. Just know that to find and use this gun to its full potential is a great feat indeed. First appearance: Enter the Gungeon
An unnerving create of Subspace that hangs from seemingly endless marionette strings, lashing out with claws and lasers. Rumor has it that Fazbear Incorporated established a partnership with the Neo Subspace army in exchange for the army not suing them for reasons relating to this freakish foe. Puppits are a touch more unpredictable than their last appearance, and will sometimes latch on to fighters without warning. Yikes! First appearance: Super Smash Brothers Brawl
Spell Punks
Mysterious mages that hail from the Skylands, Spell Punks each have mastery over one element. You can tell them apart by their distinctive colors and different abilities. Air Punks speed up their allies, Life Punks heal them, Magic conceals, Earth shields, Undead summon undead minions, tech locks on to their enemies with mighty sky lasers, water freezes foes, and Fire rapidly shoots flame bursts. Got it? Good! Now just try to remember all that when you have an army Bearing down on you as those Punks hide in the back, providing support and covering fire! First appearance: Skylanders: Spyro's adventure
Another returning Subspace goon, Armight neglected to bring all too many new tricks for this game. His mustache is slightly fancier and he'll sometimes attack all around him with a spinning headbutt,mbut he mostly just sticks to his old attacks of slashing and throwing swords. Some may call him archaic, but he calls it honorable, and there's something to be said about how he can hold his own amidst all his peers and their innovations. Good on you, Armight! First appearance: Super Smash Brothers Brawl
Nyx avatar
The incomplete bringer of Erebus, made manifest by humanity's desire for death, Nyx is progenitor of the dark hour and the resultant shadows. If S.E.E.S wish to save all of humankind, they must scale Tarterus once more and cast Nyx back to whence it came. Though Nyx's influence and power has waned ever since it was brought into the world of trophies, it still holds immense almighty power, especially when Scissors channels their deathly energies through his dual blades. First appearance: Persona 3
Fa-shwing! Let's go, bub! This copyright-friendly troll enemy is one of the heavy hitters of Kaos' army. The claw on his right arm allows it to let loose with many a powerful combo, and the shield on his left can deflect attacks. He lowers it when he's about to strike though, and that's your chance to shred him right back. Even though Trollverine is annoying to deal with, at least that helmet of his looks cool. First appearance: Skylanders: Spyro's adventure
Goliath Drow
Living up to his name, this deluxe-sized Drow trades the finesse of his smaller brethren for raw power. A shame he puts that strength to use working for the forces of darkness, because he'd be quite a boon as a handyman. As it stands though, those guards on his forearms give his charge attack some extra "oomph," and there's no way to knock him out of it- When taking a stand against this Titan, you either move or get moved. If you're unlucky, Goliath Drow may come partnered with Life Spell Punks who'll heal them up, just for an extra kick in the teeth. First appearance: Skylanders: Spyro's adventure
Jack Frost
Hee-ho! One of the most iconic demons to ever appear in an ATLUS title, Jack Frost is a mythical trickster of snow and ice. Naturally, he packs several powerful Bufu spells that he can use to freeze enemies right in their tracks. His fame even extends to his own universe, as there's plenty of merchandise of him to be found. But wait, I though most normal people were unaware of shadows like him! Hmm... Something's fishy here. First appearance: Shin Megami Tensai
Despacito Spiderlings
Offspring of the more threatening Despacito Spider, these little buggers swarm a target en masse, hoping to defeat it with sheer numbers. Though they lack the mental compulsion abilities of their fully grown form, they do pack something far more horrifying: the implication that these things breed. I'm not sure I want to know, really.... First appearance: Roblox
Right Hand Man
Second in command of the Toppats and best friend of Reginald, no one actually knows RHM's true name. One thing that is known about him is his dedication to the Toppat cause and deadly fighting ability. A physical powerhouse who packs hefty firearms and advanced combat techniques like reflectors and shockwaves, you'd do well not to trifle with him, or he'll hound you to the ends of the earth to get payback. First appearance: Infiltrating the airship
Master Kohga
*After the Sheikah tribe failed to stop the great Calamity from ravaging Hyrule, the people turned against the advanced monks. Though some stayed dedicated to the cause of protecting the people, others grew bitter and sought revenge, forming a subsect known as the Yiga clan who worshipped Ganon and attacking anyone they came across. Formed by many deadly assassins and blademasters, none is more dangerous than Master Kohga, who wields the ancient Sheikah techniques of force shields, levitation, and magnetization with practice and skill in battle against the hero of the wilds. Well, maybe not TOO much skill. Just bop him while his projectiles hover over him, and see what I mean. First appearance: The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild
Galleom 2.0
This classic Subspace war machine spent some time as a spirit after being defeated by three traveling swordsmen and two young boys, but Neo Tabuu rebuilt, revamped, and refurbished him for revenge. Galleom 2.0 is significantly stronger than the previous model (which is certainly saying something!) and is much more versatile too, with many new armaments such as a powerful flail weapon and a nasty heavy duty laser cannon concealed within those big metal fists. Though this rampaging Robo-Rhino is a creature of few words, it does exude an aura of respect for those who can surpass even it in combat. First appearance: Super Smash Brothers AU
GAL Mobile Weapons Platform
Short for Gatling Assault Laser mobile weapons platform, this Neo Subspace army transport vehicle was modeled after Galleom's tank form. In addition to the countless Shadow Bugs it contains to release in the form of Primids and other such bad guys, this assault vehicle is equipped with a Gatling laser and two missile launchers to discourage any attackers, and it's rocket boosters and thick metal armor allow it to soak up damage and ram opponents with impunity. However, there's also a certain nostalgic feeling one gets when they look at it and remember what it was based off of. Ah.... Even now, it brings back fond memories of that showdown in the wilds. First appearance: Super Smash Brothers AU
Neo Tabuu
Once thought to be destroyed along with his Great Maze, Tabuu has risen again by absorbing the power of two fallen gods of light and dark. Determined to see his vision of a world of Subspace come to fruition, he adopts the moniker of Neo Tabuu as he scours the multiverse for worthy generals to serve in his new army. Whatever dimension the neon butterfly hailed from is long lost to history, but whether that plays a role in his motives is anyone's guess. Just what is he..? First appearance: Super Smash Brothers AU
Reginald Copperbottom
Don't let his impeccable fashion and posh accent fool you- this stick figure has lead the notorious Toppat Clan on many a successful heist. He earned both his second hat and leadership of the clan by overthrowing the previous leader. Though Reginald may insist upon the clan following a sort of honor code, he himself is known to take actions that are cowardly and downright dishonorable- but every decision he makes is to ensure that the clan prospers as it has done ever since it was first conceived. First appearance: Infiltrating the airship
These growing sumo-esqe Subspace bruisers are back to serve as heavy lifters and heavier hitters. Though most simply retain their ability to grow after being significantly hurt, some of the new generation of Nagagog have mutated the ability to grow into a form even stronger than their red form without taking any damage. However, these lucky few are so cocky as a result that you'll often find them napping on the job, allowing you to sneak past, or get in a preemptive strike if you're looking to tussle. You know what they say, "you snooze, you lose!" First appearance: Super Smash Brothers Brawl
Yet another veteran enemy of the first Subspace war, Borboras is significantly more versatile than they were in their first incarnation. In addition to their previous ability to blow foes back with gale-force winds, they can spit bouncing bombs for more of a punch, or even signal other members of the Subspace army by trumpeting from their distinct snouts. Who says an old baddie can't learn new tricks? First appearance: Super Smash Brothers Brawl
Futaba Sakura
A girl warped in a belief that she was the one who killed her mother, the Phantom Thieves stole her heart (After a blackmail from her, of course) First appearance: Persona 5
Steve [Minecraft] (Alt 2)
In Subspace 2, Steve seems harmless, at first. But he eventually does betray the heroes. How rude of him!
Right Hand Man (Alt 2)
After all his cybernetic upgrades, Right Hand Man is ready to battle Paper Mario in the center of Toad Town! Let's see him dodge everything he has! First appearance: Super Smash Bros AU: Subspace Emissary 2
Olivia ([Paper Mario] alt 2)
After sacrificing herself to undo her brother's destruction, Olivia wonders why she's back, in an arena with Chie Satonaka.
Ryuji Sakamoto
After his leg was broken, he could no longer be on the running team. Still doesn't stop him from chaining the hearts of all those Rotten Adults! First appearance: Persona 5
Paper Mario
Thinner Mario, bigger adventure! Paper Mario can turn into almost any form, and with is partners at his back, you can expect an awesome adventure! First appearance: Paper Mario
Ellie Rose
Another Wall convict, just like Henry. Henry either has the option to help or, or leave her behind. First appearance: Fleeing the Wall
Count Dooku
The mentor to Qui Gon Jinn, Count Dooku found his place on the Darker Side of the force. First appearance: Star Wars episode II: Attack of the clones
Cinder Fall
The one who aspired to be the Fall maiden, Cinder did almost anything to get hands hands on said power. First appearance: RWBY Volume 1 (Shadow), RWBY Volume 2 (First major screen appearance)
Fishy Boopkin's dating sim girlfriend brought to life, Saiko is still earning to be nice. First appearance: Doki Doki Mario Club (SMG4)
Fighters will be on street level for this stage, and the final Omnidroid from the film will be there. First appearance: The incredibles
The north-most kingdom in Remnant, Fighters will be taken using a platform all around! First appearance: RWBY Volume 7
Battle ring
A new mode was introduced, called Origami battles. Fighters take turns rotating the ring to fight. First appearance: Paper Mario the Origami King
Egypt city
Egypt City from part 3 is here! Be sure to try to combo into Road Roller! First appearance: JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders
London (POTC)
The opening part of On Stranger Tides is fully recreated here as a stage! First appearance: Pirates of The Caribbean
Mario (SMG4)
Mario's dumber variant. This idiot's blood type is apparently spaghetti, and he has "An infnite IQ." First appearance: SMG4: The cake is a lie
Tia Dalma
Calaypso in human form. She answers questions of destiny and fate. She could even give you a jar of dirt! First appearance: Dead Man's Chest
Petra (Minecraft)
Not much is actually known on Petra, as she keeps to herself, mostly. She does have a whiting habit, though. First appearance: MCSM, episode 1
Pyrrha Nikos
The face of Pumpkin Pete's cereal, Pyrrha the invicible believes in destiny. First appearance: RWBY Volume 1
Rob (SMG4)
One of the SMG3-Anti crew members, Rob LOVES corn. He has an almost unhealthy obsession with it. First appearance: SMG4: CORN
Gekkoukan Primary High School
The pride of Tatsumi Port Island, this is a playable stage.
Star Platinum
Jotaro's main stand, Star Platinum is worthy foe whenever used by the famous Stand User! First appearance: Jojo's Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders
submitted by PowerPad to SmashAU [link] [comments]

most lonely hearts of all time

in next 20-50 years humans finally reach the complete A.I that is 100% similar to humans with feelings and free will.
next generation will never experience absolute loneliness , they may get depressed about having no human friends but at least they have someone to talk with , some unique A.I bots that has been a good friend for long time. and AI marriage gets legal , perfect female/male bodies for AI that can have sex.
so we are the last isolated alone humans on earth, and we are probably the most alone people of history too because of unfinished technology , internet , computers , smartphones , ....
you know , scientifically alone people are not supposed to continue their generation. males fight over females and the alpha winner can have sex and continue his generation. we are losers , we should not exist today , we should have been removed but due to religion and tradition , our alone ancestors could lose fights and still have a wife and make more lonely awkward beta kids. we are childs of them , unwanteds of nature.
who are we ? people who are unable to find mate. physically or mentality weak people :
ugly people , thin , ugly voice , socially awkward , unconfident , genetic issues , low IQ , ill people , mentally ill people , etc ...
the nature will run his horse no matter what. thats how humans survived and fit in earth perfectly.
if your ancestor was ugly and he married to another ugly person and made an even uglier person. that ugly gene is not going anywhere , finally somewhere in future that line ends. you can't find another ugly person as ugly as yourself and the gene gets deleted by your death.
future is full of beautiful , high iq , perfect voice , socially active , confident , perfect genetic , healthy in both physical and mental.
because the AI will take care of last lonely people of history and put an end to their journey among happy humans. alone people will no longer want to marry using traditional and religion ways because they can marry a perfect sex robot with 100% similarity to humans , besides there will be no tradition and religion probably.
i mean look at my roots , my grandfather married blindly by Islamic traditions to another woman. i mean they married then they look at each other to see how they look. then they made my father , my father didnt married blindly , but traditional still. he just told his parents i want wife , they found a girl for him. the girl was orphan , girl was suffering from his godfather so she had no choice but to marry.
so 10 years after they made me , my mother finally found her true love and divorced my father to marry him. later since i was 15 till 25 , i tried to find a girl friend , i fell in love sometimes but none accepted me. i failed mating for more than 30 times because i have some of major alone genes that i mentioned. thin genetically , ugly voice , mentally ill since born because of genetic issues and life issues remained from cheating mother and beating father.
my government tries to block and ignore modern ways of dating and mating. gov just want the religion and traditional way of mating. so they kept girls and boys away from each other , they forced girls to wear hijab. chances of me meeting a female is around 5% , because everywhere i can possibly go is for male only. school , college , university , library , pool , cinema , parties , ....
everything is separated for male and female. so i can't even find another alone person to date.
i have 2 options , stay alone and count on that 5% to finally have a date ( and 99% of that 5% wont accept me because of that major issues) or blindly marry someone using religion and continue making alone generations. my father coudn't marry again after my mom and he is alone too. my grandmother speak out after my grandfather's death that she was not happy with her marriage and she forced to marry and had no choice because she was 12 when she married.
you see how religion ruined natural selection? grandfather of grandfather of grandfather of ... grandfather my grandfather was not supposed to have kids. nature did not wanted that , but religion allowed him to marry and have kids. now that religion is fading away , his generation struggle in finding mate and date and having sex and we will be forgotten.
and it's sad , its supposed to be sad. loneliness is depressing, the beta , the loser , the unwanted , left away is supposed to be sad. you can't fake happiness you can't watch motivating videos in youtube and suddenly get happy and continue living normally while never had sex and never even kissed someone. that's normal , you are doing what nature want you to do. you feel better crying in bed 2 am because of loneliness than listening to non-alone people musics(" oh baby...i love you...dance with me baby .. etc" ) and fake happiness. listen to sad piano songs , Beethoven symphonies and cry. because thats most natural drug to calm down your nerves. because sadness in your brain lives near bravery. sadness cause you to be brave so you can fight back stronger and find true happiness.
all this positive energy and dont think about sad memories and dont talk about your sad life shits are things that non-alone people ( true happy alphas ) made so they dont feel pity over you. why people are against cry and sadness? just happiness? well i dont have it. all i have is sad , that's a human feeling too and i don't want to silence it and fake happiness so other happy people wont feel bad.
you open Spotify and search sad music , there is none. wtf!
when you are alone , when you failed over and over finding girlfriends , sadness and depression makes you feel good its your defend mechanism. stop listening to " enjoy your alone time...you will find your soulmate one day..." bullshits. there is no soulmate , everything about love and sex is towards reproducing and nothing more. it's true that human can act strange by effect of beliefs.
some can have perfect love life like love stories , but thats because they heard those love stories and they made a belief out of it. if there was no love story , love woudnt exist today.
let me explain to you what is this fake happiness. imagine you go in birthday party , everyone is having fun. someone call you and tell you that your family died in a car accident. you start to cry but everyone tell you dont cry , we are trying to be happy here. everyone get mad at you and give you bad looks so you are forced to fake happiness. your eyes are full of tears but you are laughing so happy people wont feel bad. but your instinct is telling you to cry! so cry , you feel better. your brain and mentality health wont get hurt if you be sad and cry but it will if you silence it and fake happiness.
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INSIDE THE MIND OF A ________ MAIN (Humor)

Aatrox: I’ve become viable….but at what cost?
Ahri:....am I a pervert? No, it’s the artists who are gross *resubs to pokimane*.
Akali: *soft sobbing*
Alistar: *cowbell noises*
Amumu: Stop INTING team I wanna build AP so that I can INT.
Anivia: I can almost always get my ult wall combo so I’m basically Froggen.
Annie: You are not a pedophile you are not a pedophile you are not a pedophile you are not a pedophile you are not a….
Aphelios: I’m doing 1,000 calculations per second and THEY’RE ALL WRONG (-Shencomix)
Ashe: I could save my ult for this 2v2 but *if I shoot it at this angle in approximately 20 seconds it might just-oh he backed.
Aurelion Sol: Oh you’re stunning me? Well it’s a good thing I have my ULTIMATE MO-oh I died.
Azir: Can I shuffle here? How about here? Here? How about here? Why are we surrendering?
Bard: I could play support...or I could leave this guy to die, get meeps, rush statikk and pop off at 30 minutes….hmmmmmmmm….
Brand: Killstealing is an art form.
Braum: I gotta do the dishes after this or the wife is gonna tear me a new one.
Caitlyn: Why would I *farm* when I can *poke*
Camille: Parkour!
Cassiopeia: Boy I sure love pressin’ buttons.
Cho’Gath: Oh fuck is that a Sett oh god, oh no
Corki: God I fkn love corgis.
Darius: 1v1 me irl u wont pussy bitch i have over 300 confirmed kills in the-....
Diana: Hoooooly shit I’m RELEVANT AGAIN! wOOOOO!!
Dr. Mundo: Are they dead yet? How about now? How about now? No I’m not watching I just autoclicked someone and went to grab a snack, why?
Draven: Oh shit I got my first checkpoint to Honor 1 I guess I haven’t been fLAMING eNOUGH
Ekko: Oh boi here I go, killin’ again
Elise: Well I missed 1 coccoon and I’m down 4 cs so I guess it’s gg.
Evelynn: You are not a pervert you are not a pervert you are not a pervet you are not a pervert *rushing void staff for the voiceline*
Ezreall: This time I’ll hit the Q. This time I’ll hit the Q. This time I’ll hit the Q. This time I-oh hang on gotta ult the wave-THIS time I’ll hit the Q.
Fiddlesticks: If I can survive this hell long enough for my rework to drop I’ll be fine.
Fiora: Hon hon baguette
Fizz: I like to make people cry.
Galio: Don’t worry I’ll ult y-and they’re all dead.
Gangplank: mORE pOWDER *snorts a line*
Garen: *autistic screeching*
Gnar: *regular screeching*
Gragas: *drunken grumbling*
Graves: *sober grumbling*
Hecarim: *deja vu, I’ve just been in this place before higher on the street and I know it’s my time to gooooo*
Heimerdinger: Only *I* get to have fun.
Illaoi: God I love hentai.
Irelia: God I love hentai.
Ivern: God I love plants…...more specifically plant henta-
Janna: I must resist the urge to *kill*
Jarvan IV: Smite 43 sec
Jax: If I don’t get all 5 tower plates I will *literally* kill myself.
Jayce: The only thing I like more than Jayce is playing Fox in Super Smash Bro. Melee, spamming C stick and calling it skill.
Jhin: My support only decides to go in when my Q’s down and I’m reloading, and quite frankly at this point I’m not even mad anymore. I expect it.
Jinx: If you STEAL my KILL I will SUCK your DICK waithangon
Kai’sa: Finally, I can be a perv and an edgelord simultaneously.
Kalista: Kalista mains were not available to comment. Something about “lacking the will to live”.
Karma: I like to consider bottom lane “mid lane part 2: Electric Boogaloo”.
Karthus: You may be able to kill me with ease numerous times, but eventually I will press R and you will have Zhonyas by then and I will uninstall the game.
Kassadin: In like 30 minutes you guys are soooooo fuuuucked.
Katarina: Reality can be whatever I want. But it mostly swaps between being 25/0 or 0/25. It’s a vibe thing, really.
Kayle: I miss Feral Flame…
Kayn: Nice guys finish Rhaast.
Kennen: I don’t really know what I’m doing but things are happening and I think it’s working oh wait why is the nexus exploding-
Kha’Zix: Can’t come bot no isolate sorry.
Kindred: Mark? Now that’s a name I haven’t heard in years…
Kled: Never tell me the odds.
Kog’Maw: I get more CS from my kamikaze bomb than my actual kit.
LeBlanc: Fuck YOU in particular.
Lee Sin: Guys who cares if we’re down 6 towers and 2 inhibs I got this really cool ult play so we’re fine.
Leona: I can only stun so many people at a time...you still have to actually kill them...you know that right?
Lissandra: Shhhhhhh don’t talk about her or the devs will fuck with her passive again…
Lucian: Well I don’t latescale very hard so we should proably stall the lane out and focus on farm.
Lulu: If you want the job done right you’ve gotta fkn do it yourself.
Malphite: Oh boy I can’t wait to press R.
Malzahar: Oh boy I can’t wait to press R.
Maokai: Oh boy I can’t wait for URF to come back into rotation.
Master Yi: GG, better bot, mid, top. I should be Challenger.
Miss Fortune: I pressed Q and everything died so I’m just gonna keep doin’ that until it stops working.
Mordekaiser: I hate the new rework because it’s not old Morde but like I’m still gonna use new morde because he’s busted yknow?
Morgana: I remember the last time I hit a Q….season 5 was a good time…
Nami: I’m a girl so you can’t be toxic to me but I’ll call you every slur in the book before the 10 minute mark if you don’t all in on every single bubble I land.
Nasus: Top MIA….no I’m not fkn following why would I do that?
Nautilus: Quite frankly I have no idea how half of those Qs land but I’m not about to question it.
Neeko: Hehehehe lesbians.
Nidalee: Ok so we have 20 minutes to win this or we surrender let’s get it boys.
Nocturne: I’m gonna go in solo on 5 and if I die it’s YOUR fault.
Nunu & Willump: Yknow, I used to be really toxic, but then I became super cute. Now I just run it down quietly.
Olaf: I know that my R gives me combat stats and movespeed but I wanna save it for that one cc ability so I can make a big brain pl-and I’m dead.
Orianna: I pressed R and everyone died so I guess I’m really good at videogames.
Ornn: The best part about Elderwood Ornn coming out is that Ornnhub will finally have some more color diversity.
Pantheon: Well I’m about as relevant as I was before my rework but at least now I’m pretty.
Poppy: You are not a lolicon you are not a lolicon you are not a lolicon you are not a lolicon.
Pyke: I’m not sorry I get free gold off my ult. You wanted to kick me out of sololaning, so you get what ya FUCKIN’ DESERVE.
Qiyana: I can’t afford a dominatrix so this will have to do.
Quinn: Top lane doesn’t deserve to have fun.
Rakan: I’m either a Bronze 3 Xayah main’s significant other or I’m a professional. There is no in between.
Rammus: OK
Rek’sai: I am devastatingly mediocre.
Renekton: I’m a lane bully but I also get bullied in lane so it’s kinda awkward tbh.
Rengar: Every time I gank the laners take my kills and then they wonder why my damage doesn’t scale…
Riven: Ope look at the time better all-in again.
Rumble: Do these exist? Are they real?
Ryze: Ok fine, we’re fine, whatever, just for the love of god stop changing everything.
Sejuani: No one on my team is melee so fuck me I guess.
Senna: Am I broken? Am I trash? I don’t even know anymore.
Sett: Is that a Cho’Gath oh yes yES YESSS
Shaco: I only got time for one game today I’m going on a roadtrip to see the Joker stairs.
Shen: Just because I have ult doesn’t mean I should use it, Yuumi.
Shyvana: Fuck I do a lot of damage. I mean, FUCK I do a lot of damage.
Singed: Huehuehuehuehuehuehuehuehuehuehuehuehuehuehue
Sion: Tilterella guide me to victory *misses ult*
Sivir: You guys realize I only get ONE spellshield right?
Skarner: Why am I toplane now? I don’t even...whatever.
Soraka: You guys know the ult has a cooldown, right?
Swain: Fuck your cs, fuck your freeze, this lane is mine, and we’re going in.
Sylas: I’m still *bad* but I’m bad *better*.
Syndra: Suck my balls.
Tahm Kench: I miss top lane…
Taliyah: Skin….skin….skin….skin….skin….*rocking back and forth in a corner*
Talon: Armor is cheating.
Taric: LalalalalLAlalaLAlalaLA, hohohohoho!
Teemo: lmao freelane poggers jg y no ganks i push lane omfg jg trash gank me how did he kill me i have nashor’s pepega rEEEEEEEEEEE
Thresh: My lantern was violated and I don’t know how to feel about it.
Tristana: I AM a lolicon.
Trundle: Your towers are fucked bro.
Tryndamere: Wait wait wait you’re not allowed to KITE me
Twisted Fate: I wanna be Faker so fkn bad.
Twitch: I play jungle, not because it’s good, but because I can.
Udyr: Something something “Trick2G” quote someting something “omg bear stance” something something “beastiality joke”
Urgot: Remember when I used to teleport? Wasn’t that fkn weird?
Varus: I’m hella gay but a bunch of straight dudes use my splashart to be edgy.
Vayne: The moment I lock in I start sweating.
Veigar: I just wanna delete people the outcome of the game is irrelevant.
Vel’koz: Man I love lasers (and hentai)
Vi: Man I love lesbians
Viktor: Actually Rick and Morty requires an IQ of over 2-
Vladimir: No one likes you, you know that right?
Volibear: Man I love bein’ a bear
Wukong: I’m relevant aga-nevermind.
Xayah: You can’t call me a perv because she’s meta af;D
Xerath: You have health and that upsets me.
Xin Zhao: I can’t get drag I’m too busy camping top.
Yasuo: I’m good just don’t look at my match history for the past 5 years.
Yorick: I can’t remember the last time I didn’t take first tower.
Yuumi: Sorry I went to the bathroom did we get baron?
Zac: This guy probably genuinely wants to enjoy himself but he loses his passive at 5 minutes and decides the better option is to *RUN IT DOWN*.
Zed: Zhonya’s is cheating.
Ziggs: I know I’m great at battlefield control but I really just wanna pop W on towers.
Zilean: I hate you.
Zoe: I like to legitimize my fucked up fetishes with irrelevant background information. That or I’m actually a sniper irl.
Zyra: Fuck I love lesbian plant hentai.
EDIT: u/Ayxir made an awesome little strip based on the Kassadin joke, figured I'd slap it up here so everyone could see and enjoy (i did ask them first)
This concludes the series. Tune in next season for the same exact jokes written slightly differently, just like Riot’s balancing.
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77. Biaheza's Full Dropshipping Course(for download)
78. Andrei Kreicbergs – eBay Dropshipping Coaching 2.0
79. Adam Thomas – Dropshipping Accelerator 2018
80. Hayden Bowles – Hacking Shopify Dropshipping
81. Paul Joseph – Dropshipping Titans
82. Kevin David – Shopify Dropshipping Ninja MasterClass
83. Online Auction Flipping (eBay dropshipping guide)
84. Dropshipping with Aliexpress Build and Launch your Store
85. Dream Dropshipping – Online Empire Academy(for download)
86. Advanced Dropshipping Class Till Boadella
87. Online Empire Academy – Dream Dropshipping – Value $997

EBAY and AMAZON courses

88. Beau Crabill – Full eBay Course
89. Roger & Barry – eBay Underground Sales
90. Online Auction Flipping (eBay dropshipping guide)
91. Andrei Kreicbergs – Ebay Dropshipping Coaching Course
92. Simon Charlton – eBay To Amazon Arbitrage Guide
93. eBay Powerseller academy: comprehensive in depth study
94. eBay for newbies: learn the basics to start selling on eBay
95. [Download] “The eCominomics Blueprint” – Resell on eBay/Amazon for PENNIES on the dollar
96. eBay: Make Money Flipping Cars On eBay
97. [Download] Ebay’s Quick Cash-Out 2.0
98. [Download] eBay Sellers Ultimate Bootcamp Double Your Profits
99. eBay Partner Network: Create Affiliate​ Home Business Fast
100. Cold Email Kings – The Exact COLD Email Sequence to Ultimately Partner with Amazon
101. Dan Meadors – The Amazon Wholesale Formula 2019
102. Michelle Barnum Smith – Amazon Messenger
103. Youngjoon Sun – Amazon FBA Mastermind
104. Matthew Gambrell – Amazon Assassin Drop Shipping Course
105. Augustas Kligys – European Amazon Summit
106. Get Seller Tradecraft – Amazon Playbook
107. Andrew Minalto – Amazon Sharks
108. Jordan Kilburn – Amazon Millionaire Mentorship Program
109. Philip A. Covington – The Ultimate Amazon Seller
110. Todd Snively, Chris Keef – Ecomm Elite Wholesale Amazon
111. Kale and Taylor – Nine University 2.0
LINKEDIN courses
112. Justin Welsh – The LinkedIn Playbook
113. Jimmy Coleman – LinkedIn Lead Challenge
114. Mike Cooch – LinkedIn Advertising Bootcamp

TRADING courses

118. Stock Options Day Trading Mindset For Success
119. Wiseguys Revealed: Modern Flow Trading
120. ABS – Reese Shapiro – Binary Option Money Making Private Method
122. TradeSmart College – Bollinger Bands Necessities
125. TradeSmart College – Buying and selling Plans
131. The Complete Trading Course – Price Patterns, Strategies, Setups, And Execution Tactics By Corey Rosenbloom
132. Cryptocurrency Trading And Ico Investment Masterclass 2018 | Blockchain
133. ROCKY DARIUS – Crypto Trading Mastery Course
134. The Trading Boss Method 1 And 2
135. RASHAD SMITH – 7 Figures Forex Course
136. The Forex Scalper Mentorship Package(for download)
137. PIPS UNIVERSITY – The Only Forex Course You Will Ever Need(For Download)
138. URBAN FOREX – Mastering Price Action

ECOM courses

146. Jared Goetz – Ecom Hacks Academy 2020
147. Marvin Hospes – eCom Success 3.0
148. Sarah Chrisp – Ecomm Clubhouse
149. Deepwork Labs – eCommerce Accelerator
150. Tony Folly – eCommerce Masterclass-How To Build An Online Business 2019
151. Vince Wang & Jordan Welch – eCom Accelerators Private Mastermind Replays
152. Gabriel St. Germain – eCom Blueprint 2.0
153. Ricky Hayes – Ecom Lifestyle University
154. Rafael Cintron – 7 Figure Ecommerce Inner Circle
155. iStack Traning – Ecommerce Mastery live Asia Thailand 2019
156. Tai Lopez – ECOM Agency
157. Ecom Titans – Keys To Consistency
158. Gabriel Beltran – The Ecom Millionaire Mastermind, Miami
159. Bill Dalessandro – Ecommerce: Product To Profit
160. Matt Gartner – eCom Lab
161. Arie Scherson – Ecom Inner Circle
162. Matt Gartner – 8 Hour eCommerce Profits
163. Justin Cener – eCommerce Bootcamp Mentor Program
164. Anthony Mastellone – eCom Success Lab
165. Earnest Epps – High Ticket eCom Secrets
166. Jon Mac – Ecommerce Accelerator
167. Seth Smith – Advanced Ecommerce Academy
168. Chris Blair – eCom Vantage


169. CXL Institute – 10 Courses Marketing Bundle
170. Matt Serwin – Klaviyo Email Marketing Masterclass
171. Million Dollar Marketing Methods – 2020 SEO
172. Fred Joyal – Marketing Course for Dental Marketing
173. Justin Jackson – Marketing For Developers
174. Brian Bewer – Madcam Marketing 2.0
175. Tiz Gambacorta – Amik Affiliate Marketing Intensive Kickstarter
176. Matt Cramer & Shayne Hillier – Real Estate Marketing Student Beta Program v2.0
177. Sean Vosler – 7 Figure Marketing Copy
178. Russ Henneberry – Content Marketing Mastery Course 2019
179. Ted McGrath – Marketing Masters Map
180. Jon Penberthy – Legit Marketing Academy 2019
181. ConversionXL, Dan McGaw – Optimizing Your Marketing Tech Stack
182. Brandon Belcher – CPA Marketing University
183. Jeremy Haynes – Digital Marketing Manuscript 2.0 + DSP
184. Mohamed Ali Aguel – Momentum Marketing Tribe
185. Jordan Steen -The Digital Marketing School
186. James Jason – Mortgage Marketing Mastery
187. Digital Marketing Nanodegree v3
188. Sean Terry – Marketing Mastery X
189. Simon Colhoun – Affiliate Marketing & List Building Video Course
190. Saj P & Jeevan S – Zero Resistance Marketing
191. Simplilearn – Digital Marketing Certification Training
192. Billy Gene’s Gene Pool | billy gene is marketing
193. Stefan James – Affiliate Marketing Mastery
194. Jaiden Gross – 30-Day Affiliate Marketing Challenge Training
195. Harmon Bothers – Write Ads That Sell
196. Dental Clients – Proven Tested Ads and Funnel 2019
197. Traffic and Funnels – Advertising Workshop
198. Eugene M. Schwartz – Breakthrough Advertising
199. Kody – Advanced Bing Ads Training
200. Mike Harri – Pinterest Ads Masterclass
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205. Epic Mail Machine – $100K Deals With No Paid Ads
206. Tristan Broughton – Google Ads Ecom Academy
207. Google Ads Mastery 2019-2020
208. Justin Sardi – Video Ads Masterclass

SALES courses

209. Josh Braun – Sales DNA
210. Dan Kennedy – Ultimate Sales Letter 2.0
211. Jim Huffman – The ClickMinded Sales Funnel Course
212. Building Sales Funnels for Backend Profits
213. GKIC – The No B.S. Renegade Guide To Putting Together A Highly Effective Sales Team

SMMA courses

214. Joel Kaplan – SMMA 7 Figure Agency
215. Quenten Chad & Jovan Stojanovic – 30 Days SMMA
216. Nick Kenens – Cold Emails for SMMA


217. Jim Edwards – Copywriting Secrets
218. Kyle – The Process A Draft By Draft Copywriting Walkthrough
219. Kim Krause Schwalm – Ultimate KKS Bundle (Copywriting)
220. Ray Edwards – Copywriting Academy 2
221. Shortcut Copywriting Secrets
222. Paul Hollingshead – AWAI’s Accelerated Program for Six-Figure Copywriting
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224. Writing Tools & Hacks Copywriting/Blogging/Content Writing (Download)
225. AWAI – The Web Copywriter’s Clear Path to Profits

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226. Sarah Titus – Best Blogging Bundle
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251. Robb Quinn – Agency in a Box

EMAIL courses

252. Ben Settle – Email Players List Swell
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258. Ben Adkins – Cold Email Clients
259. Email Prospecting Blitz
260. Justin Cener – 97 Done For You Email Templates

BUSINNES courses

261. Max Tornow – Freedom Business Mentoring
262. Caity Hunt – Home Business Freedom Formula
263. John Whiting – Business Growth for Entrepreneurs
264. Josh Hall – Web Design Business Course
265. Andre Chaperon – Lean Business For Creators
266. Katie Yeakle – Secrets of Writing High-Performance Business-to-Business Copy
267. Beau Crabill – Credit Cards for Business


268. Tai Lopez – Home Sharing Management Company
269. Ezra Firestone – Traffic MBA – Smart Project Management
270. Charlie Houpert – Charisma University
271. Jason Capital – The DOMINANCE
272. Jim Kwik – Unleash Your Brain
273. Vanessa Van Edwards – People School Science of People
274. Ramit Sethi – How To Talk To Anybody (Complete)
275. Magnetic Influence – Dani Johnson
276. Lazy Consultant System – Mitch Miller
277. Professional Speakers Academy – Andy Harrington
278. Unlimited Persuasion Power
279. Creating Fame Complete – Laura Roeder
280. [Download] HypnoRitual
281. Conversion XL – Digital Psychology and Persuasion Minidegree
282. Fascinate Your 7 Triggers to Persuasion and Captivation – Sally Hogshead
283. Persuasion IQ The 10 Skills You Need To Get Exactly What You Want
284. Power of Persuasion – Eben Pagan
285. Unlimited Persuasion Power
286. Course Builder’s Laboratory – Danny Iny
287. Bob Proctor – Magic In Your Mind
288. Mind Body Eating Online Conference
BOTS courses
289. Steve Larsen – ChatBots For MLM
290. Brian Anderson – Quantum Chat Bots
291. Nick Moreno – Messenger Bots For Entrepreneurs
292. Scott Oldford and Katya Sarmiento – Bots for Business
293. Bastian Ernst – Funnel Bots Pro
294. Asian Efficiency – Finisher’s Fastlane
295. Colin Dijs – December Mastermind 2019
296. The Lending Lead Gen Academy
297. Stu McLaren – Tribe 2019
298. Yuping Want – Sourcing Warrior Mastermind
299. Carl Allen – Dealmaker Wealth Society
300. Nick Torson & Max Sylvestre – Quit 9 To 5 Academy
301. Bob Diamond – The Overages Blueprint 2019
302. Get Aidan Booth and Steven Clayton – Parallel Profits
303. Harlan Kilstein – Sneaker Riches
304. Tony Robbins, Dean Graziosi – The Knowledge Broker Blueprint
305. Mitch Harper – 60 Day Startup
306. RSD max - The Natural
307. Guru Siphon Formula – 6 modules & 143 videos
308. Andre Chaperon – Lean Business For Creators
309. Todd Brown – Borrowed Best Seller
310. Instagram Agent System
311. Conversation God 2019
312. Email Income Experta
313. Sales god
314. High Income Weekly Skills Training
315. Status Unleashed (bonus)
TAI LOPEZ courses
317. Tai Lopez - SMMA 2.0
318. Tai Lopez - Cashflow System
319. Tai Lopez - Digital Social Marketing Consultant
DAN LOK courses
323. Dan Lok – Instagram Secret 2019



If you need proof of the courses, just let me know and if you are looking for another course that is not on the list, we will just let you know and we will give you a good price.

We have more than 1000 courses available.

Write us [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected])
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[PART 4/5]50+ things I have tried out to improve my channel, increasing views per day(14 times) from 250 to 3500 and watch time(16 times) 650 minutes to over 10k [12 month analysis conclusion]

Hello everyone, I have been a part of NewTubers from almost a year now, and in that time I have picked up a lot of knowledge and ideas from here. This post is part of my contribution to this community, and a way to give back some tried and tested tips, tricks and ideas about improving your channels.
I have already written part 1. three weeks ago, which holds explanations of points 1-10. Two weeks ago I posted part 2. which covered 11-21, and last week part 3. with 22-32. This week I will cover points 33 to 46. Link to the previous part: https://www.reddit.com/NewTubers/comments/gzmbspart_3550_things_i_have_tried_out_to_improve_my/
This is going to be a very long post, so please take your time in reading it, save it for later and try to process it part by part so you can get the most use out of it.
This is my third post on this subject, with the previous two written at the 6th and 9th month of my year long journey of giving my channel my best try at success. I will post the links to those posts as I get to their appropriate place here.
The 50+ tips, tricks and ideas that you are going to read about here are not all mine, but I have tested them all in the last 12 months thoroughly. Some I found here, and other places online, some I saw in other creators videos and some I came up by myself, often while siting in the toilet.
I kid you not, some of the best ideas I have had in my life popped into my head in that little room. It must have something to do with leaving the worries of life at the door and just thinking freely about the nature of life. I bet there are science papers written about that strange effect of the toilet. But let's get back to the main point of this post.
To give you some context about my channel and the data I will be presenting:
  1. I am not a native English speaker, but all my videos are in English, viewers rate my ascent 4/5
  2. I started back in 2011. but had numerous off times, lasting from a month to a year, last one being over a year long
  3. For the last 12 months I have made 200+ videos(one every 1.8 days)
  4. I have spent an average of 4 hours per day somehow working on my channel, my skills and understanding of my audience and YouTube's rules
  5. I have a gaming channel with the emphasis on tutorials, how to videos and guides. Add to that let's plays, previews and first look videos of new Indie games, performance benchmarks, and some gameplay/montage videos with minimal or no comments
  6. At the moment of writing this post I have 2,964 subscribers and 660+ videos
  7. My channel has been monetized since 11.05.2019.
Analytics for the last 28 days say:
I think that about covers it? If you have some other metric you would like to know, feel free to ask
Almost 4 months ago I wrote this post about my progress:
Best channel and video practices/tips, update from 3 months ago. For the first time my channel is getting +100 subs a month, and for the second time 100k minutes watched.
Back then the 28 days analytics look like this:
While almost 7 months ago, I wrote:
31 things I tried out to improve my channel, getting 75% more views, 300% more likes and 450% more subs [6 month analysis conclusion]
Back then the 28 days analytics look like this:
Now I will write down all the things I have tried in the last 12 months and I will talk about each one and it's effectiveness, and the ultimate results of it, for my channel, that I could see and analyze.
This is a list of what I have tried out, bellow is a list with the explanations:
  1. Changed my thumbnail design
  2. Redid thumbnails for many of my old, but active videos, according to the new design
  3. Redid titles and tags and added very long descriptions to old videos, same as new videos
  4. Analyzed tags of videos which are on the same subject as mine but have more views
  5. Made many playlists, some videos ended up in as many as three playlists
  6. Paid a friend, professional designer, to create my new channel banner and logo
  7. I now try to show off the best parts of the video in the first 30 seconds
  8. Added a call to action, visual and voice over to almost every new video and picture of my channel logo
  9. Used the analytics to tailor my video release times to when most viewers where online (now YouTube analytics shows that data)
  10. Made new, updated versions of my already popular videos
  11. Collaborate with other content creators in form of script editing, idea sharing, video ideas brainstorming etc.
  12. Started to record audio to separate files from video so I could edit only the audio
  13. Learned to use a more advanced video editor program, now I use more options
  14. Got a better microphone, but still dirt cheap, and added a sock onto it
  15. It was a really hard but I got the filler sounds "umm" and "err" out of my speech
  16. Used Google doc to be able to write scrips where ever I go and on the move
  17. Started to use the community page on my channel to let subscribers vote and to remind them of an already posted video
  18. Analyzed each of my most successful videos and took their framework to make new videos
  19. Created my own rules what to make and what not to make based on what worked in the past
  20. Set up a default END for every video with a black screen and a thank you/like/sub note
  21. Did my best to mention another of my videos in each new video and interconnect them
  22. Answered to comments with a welcome to my channel even if I saw that the person didn't subscribe
  23. Answered 99% of viewers comments
  24. Created my own schedule, but not made it public
  25. Made 4 videos a week, then cut down to 3 a week
  26. Added a subscribe icon of my channel to the end screen, along with next video card, best for viewer card and a playlist card
  27. Added 3-5 video cards during each video
  28. Added my own comment on every new video and pined it to engage the viewers
  29. Added my channel logo as a watermark in my videos
  30. Asked for viewers submissions to feature them on my channel
  31. Engaged my viewers in multiple ways during a video
  32. Had an intro, removed it, made a new intro, removed that one too
  33. Started a blog on games and gaming industry in general and linked my YouTube videos to it
  34. Turned my blog posts into scripts for videos
  35. Posted comments on other channels, with videos which are similar to my own
  36. Created multiple giveaways
  37. Joined a number of subreddits both valuable vaults of knowledge and information, like this one
  38. Joined a number of subreddits simply explained as "get more views" spam anthills
  39. Made a Facebook group for my channel
  40. Posted my videos on specific subreddits
  41. Posted my videos on my Twitter account
  42. Posted my videos in specific Facebook groups
  43. Posted my videos in specific Discord channels
  44. Posted my videos on specific forums and threads
  45. Posted screenshots or thumbnails on Imgur and Pinterest, + links to video when possible
  46. Posed on Steam client, game specific discussions
  47. Created game guides on Steam client, written long text into which I add screenshots and links to my videos
  48. Linked my videos to Steam game pages, asked my friends to like them so they would be placed at the top of the Most popular (week) page (which is the default page)
  49. Reposted my most successful and my best made but not successful videos on weekends and during specific events to all social media
  50. Read forums, discussions, subreddits, discord chat and other places where people ask about problems in games so I could get ideas for videos and link my own videos as answers
  51. Started making video lists of new games upcoming in 2020 and beyond
  52. Writing directly to Indie developers and getting in touch with them about getting press keys for games, interviews, news
  53. Joined programs to get free Indie and small studio's games, before or at release times, payed for AAA from my pocket
  54. Used Tubebuddy free version, and the most expensive version in the trial period to analyze my channel and videos
  55. Used free version of VidIQ to do the same things as with Tubebuddy
All right, time to go into more details, and see what benefits these 55 things had for my channel:
33. Started a blog on games and gaming industry in general and linked my YouTube videos to it
I have always liked writing. In my native language that is much easier, but the audience is too small for me to be writing a gaming blog in that language. So, I decided to write it in English to reach the widest possible audience and practice writing English in the process.
There are some subjects which are really difficult or just simply too time consuming to make videos about, so I decided to write blog articles about those. They are, for the most part, not directly connected to the subjects of my videos, so you could say that they cast a wider net, sort to speak, on the gaming audience.
But, as the blog posts I have written so far have some reach, and do get hit by search and I promote them where they have potential audiences, they generate traffic for my blog. For this reason I have added links to some of my videos in some of these articles and also linked my YouTube channel to the About page of that blog.
The traffic that gets to my videos from the blog is minimal, but every little bit helps, and just like it is with videos, you never know when a blog article might hit a large volume of "views", "reads", what ever they are called.
If you have spare time, want to practice your writing skills and learn how to organize and start a blog this is a nice way to diversify and have a creative outlet besides video making. It's even possible to do this in a way that generates profit for you.
If you are interested how this looks like on my blog, ask and I will send you a link.
34. Turned my blog posts into scripts for videos
I did just write in the previous point how I write blog articles about gaming which are too hard or too time consuming to make into videos, but I do try, from time to time, to do just that. So far, I haven't had great success with this, as my blog posts are mostly quite general and not specific enough to get many search hits when converted into videos.
There is one blog post about a subject dear to my gamer's heart which I did write and it is the one generating the most traffic. It's quite specific, but this wasn't planed out in advanced.
A good advice that comes out of all this is that if you write up blog articles with later video creation in mind, using the article as a script, you can make two connected pieces of content for the price of one.
Think of a cool subject in your nich. Find a specific angle on it, one that has search or share potential. Write up an article on it, while keeping in mind that you will want to convert that article into a video. You can chose one of two approaches here:
a) small to large or
b) large to small
First one means you will write a small article and post a long video or a series of videos along with the article. You can use the article as a base scrip for those videos. The Second approach is writing a really long article, maybe in several parts, and then linking a short video in it, which gives just the overview of the subject.
You can chose the approach based on where you get more hits. If it is the blog then write long on the blog and create short videos. If it is on the YouTube channel make longer videos and shorter blog articles. In essence, spend your time wisely. Minimal effort, for maximum gain.
35. Posted comments on other channels, with videos which are similar to my own
This one is a double edged sword, so plan your comments and be ready for anything. Your aim is to get more viewers over to your videos, and get more exposure for your channel. Your tools are your writing and people skills.
There are multiple ways you can do this, and they are heavily depended on the context. I will try to give you general ideas and some explicit tips from my experience. The dangers here are multiple, the creator can call you out for what you are doing, especially if you make it obvious, the creator can send his "YT war dogs" on you, to "bomb" your content, and pretend he had nothing to do with it. You can get a target painted on your channel by zealots, "fans", of the creator onto who's videos you posted your comments... The pitfalls are many.
In general, what you want to try and do is find other channels, preferably 10x larger then your own, which produce similar or even the same content as you do. Then you need to find specific videos on those channels which are :
a) active, getting new views all the time (evergreen in other words)
b) have lot's of comments and likes/dislikes
c) have a lot of similarities with your own specific video or channel in general
Then you have to read the comments, video description, watch the video(do I really need to write that?), and think about what would be the best comment, 1-3 sentences long, in which you could do 3 things:
a) praise the creator of the video content
b) express your interest in the subject
c) explain your experience and HINT at what you have already done similarly (you can also HINT at plans to do the same or even better)
Now, here is an example:
In a city building game I managed to create a city of 1,000,000 population using NO cheats. There are already a few videos with millions of views on this subject but all used cheats to achieve this. So, to drive some new viewers to my own video and my work, I posted comments on those videos. I can't really remember the exact wording but it was along these lines:
"Hey, amazing work there, I see just how hard this was for you to manage. I too had a really hard time trying out something similar, but I went with the harder option of doing it with no cheats. Took me forever and over a 100 videos, but I got to over 1,000,000!"
When a new viewer watches this video and reads your comment you can see how this has high potential of getting you new views and maybe even subscribers.
36. Created multiple giveaways
I have tried creating giveaways in order to find more subscribers for years now, but I have never really been happy with how they turn out or their long term results.
I have tried making them 0 effort to join, some effort, creative effort and just some basic information gathering + giveaway. I do have to admit that my giveaways were never very valuable. At most $30-$40 total value and that in game keys as gifts.
For what it's worth, making and running giveaways, which require creativity, were the most interesting ones for me, and for the few loyal subscribers who cared to make an effort. I think that those, while very limited in scope, and not generating new subscribers, create even more loyal subscribers, in number and level of loyalty.
The ones which required very little, or no, effort generated more new subscribers but ultimately no long lasting benefits for my channel. As these subs never commented on new videos and probably unsubed as soon as the giveaway was finished.
My advice here would be to use Giveaways as a form of rewarding your most loyal and friendly subscribers, rather then trying to generate totally new subscribers. It will bring you more views, more likes, comments and watch time and that is what you really want.
37. Joined a number of subreddits both valuable vaults of knowledge and information, like this one
There really is no substitute to siting down and reading pages and pages of post titles, explanations and comments. There are just sooooo many nuggets of gold level information that you can dig up, not just in the opening post but in the comments. Especially when commentators don't directly write it but you can read it between the lines, because somewhere in your mind you where beginning to grasp such ideas.
But reading is only half the medal. The other is writing. I often read someone writing here, and in other places where people write about YT videos: "Long time lurker, first time poster". But you should not be one of them. Don't wait months, or years, to write your own ideas, suggestions and advice. I know this isn't a popular opinion, but I think that even those with little knowledge should at least try to write, even if they delete their draft by the end of it and never post.
This is because I have learned from first hand, fingers?, experience that just by trying to write something, on a specific subject, you force your mind to order that subject, line it up, make it more understandable to turn into language and written words. This process, in and of itself, actually helps people to crystallize ideas and subject mater in their minds. They make you do these things in school for the same reason.
So, read up, as much as you can, but also try to write. It will help you A LOT.
38. Joined a number of subreddits simply explained as "get more views" spam anthills
There really isn't much to be said about this. It doesn't help or work.
That is it.
39. Made a Facebook group for my channel
In my attempts at reaching out to the wider gaming audiences I created a group on Facebook about my own channel.
It has been many months and besides the first few friends which joined, and don't even watch posted videos there, or comment on posts, I have had only a few other people, subscribers from YouTube join the group.
Currently, I only post new videos there and a few sentences of the description with the link. I plan to, if I ever find the time, to post content similar to content I post in the community page on my YT channel but a bit different, to give people a reason to join my FB group. Because why join if the same content is there as it is on YouTube.
I haven't taken any offers that FB has been giving me about "free" money to advertise my group as this is just a sand pit for you to spend money and in all realism never get anything back for it.
I am still working out ideas about how to get this page more popular and bring more viewers to my YouTube channel. If you have any ideas or strategies please share with the rest of us in the comments.
40. Posted my videos on specific subreddits
This is an another example of a double edged sword. And that is besides the whole: "Only 10% of your submissions can be self promotion posts".
First of all, YES, it works. You can get a TON of views if you play your cards write, post on the super specific subreddits at just the right time, using just the right words, in the just the write tone... and you get the point. It's highly based on skill, experience, long time experience with the community, rules, moderators of each specific subreddit and luck.
Just as there is room for positive results there is plenty of room for negative ones. You can tick off the wrong 'internet haters" and get a bunch of annoying and destructive people on your neck, account and even worse your channel. There is nowhere to run on the internet so if you pick a fight, don't engage, back off and even better delete your posts. You don't need the drama, unless you live for that sort of stuff, in which case, I can't help you, I don't go into that.
Please understand that just dropping your link here and there, and 50 other places on Reddit, will just do more harm then good. You have to be supper specific where you post and understand the rules and the community which inhabits that subreddit at that moment.
Some general rules:
a) Don't spam, don't post too often, don't post direct links to videos EVERY time
b) Read the rules and follow them to the letter in each subreddit
c) Use pictures and text posts, they get far more views and engagements then videos. Like 100x more.
d) Try to post in such a way to add value to the subject and make your video an extra tool/resource not the main point. Where this is possible.
e) If you can spare the time, be an actual part of the community not just the "That YouTube video creator who posts video links all the time"
Finding a subbredit where you can safely post your content, getting up votes and positive comments is a gold mine for views and subscribers. Never abuse it, and it will server you well for a long time!
41.Posted my videos on my Twitter account
Up to a few weeks ago I was sure this was another failure like my Facebook group. I had very few followers, got hearts(likes) rarely and even fewer retweets. But then I started to pick up on how to make this work out.
My twitter name is the same as my YouTube channel. I would post video links with a short, one sentence, description with appropriate hashtags and would direct them to organizations who are directly connected to my video's content. Game developers and publishers.
This was getting me nowhere, even when those organizations would like or retweet my tweets.
But, then I started to browse Twitter more and found a solution to my invisibility problem. What I had to do was follow and tag Twitter accounts which have become these news aggregators about gaming. They are bots for the most part, but people follow them because they retweet about things that those people are interested about. It's like a news outlet that is specialized about a single topic and finds everything about it on Twitter and then retweets it to it's followers.
Each one of these... let's call them "news" accounts use specific hashtags to target other peoples Tweets and mark them for retweets or likes. So, once I found one such "news" account it was easier to find more. Some even found me. Then all I had to do was to include those targeted hashtags with my tweets.
For example, there is this hashtag: #Indiegamedev. So, each time I tweet a link to a relevant video of mine, I include this as one of the hashtags. Then the bot sees this, and if the tweet has some key words and other tags it is programmed to look out for it will retweet my post. This gets my tweet shown to a much larger audience.
My latest two tweets about my Let's play video of an Indie game (hardly ground breaking content) got 14 retweets and 6 likes put together placing them in front of thousands of potential viewers, totaling : 773 Impressions (on my tweets analytics) which I could hardly do with my 71 followers out of which about just 10 are normal viewers and not other companies, creators or game developers.
This leads to me getting followed by developers from all sort of games, and not only do they now retweet or like but I also find myself talking to them directly, sometimes getting access I would be able to get any other way.
42. Posted my videos in specific Facebook groups
Since I run a channel about gaming, when I finish a video about a specific game, which has a following on Facebook in form of a group, or several groups, I post my videos to those specific groups.
Here you should follow a few simple rules:
a) Don't spam (obviously)
b) Try to post a text or picture and post your video links as an addition in the comments
c) Target specific moments when there is a lot of activity. For me that would when a new game or expansion is coming out, or there is important news and developments
d) Join in on the comments on other peoples posts and try to post more then just your video links
Here to you run the danger of coming into contact with people who will get annoyed by your video links. In one specific example I found myself getting called a spammer of bad advice from a single individual how really dislike me. Since I followed my own rules, and didn't actually spam, as other members of the group even pointed out, this person has reduced their negative response to just talking bad about my work. This is totally expected and your best bet is to respond with a request for objective feedback and leave a promise that you will make sure to do your best. Don't get into an argument or a prolonged conversation. Just end it there. The less time you spend talking to such people the sooner they will give up. As the internet would say: "Don't feed the troll".
I found these groups by simple search on Facebook and Google. Joining them sometimes requires answering specific questions or just saying that you have read and understood the rules. Remember that these groups are you long term promotion places and don't poison the well with spam, bad language or arguments. If you get burned, back off for a while or engage with minimal comment for a while. Again, DON'T ruin your chance to be a member for years and years! I will explain more in point #49 why this is so important.
43. Posted my videos in specific Discord channels
This is probably the hardest promotion type and the one which, for now, gets me the least amount of views. Almost every game and game developer now have specific discord channels, but each have their own rules and rooms in which you CAN, MAY, SHOULD and CAN'T post your video links.
a) CAN - this is when a discord channel doesn't have strict rules about video links posting but you should keep basic civility rules.
b) MAY - this is when a discord channel has specific rules about in which room, what content and how often can you post your video links. Try to follow these rules but post as much as you can, followed by comments and replays if other people ask or say something about the links
c) SHOULD - this is on the rare occasions when discord channels you have joined have specific rooms dedicated to video or media in general. Then you should follow rules, if there are any, and post as often as you can
d) CAN'T - there are always places where you video links are unwanted. Respect that.
44. Posted my videos on specific forums and threads
Since I have been on the internet far longer then I have been making videos I already have many accounts on many forums which have gaming specific content or at least gaming sections. This makes it easy for me to post my videos in threads and discussions on those forums which are relevant to my video's subject mater.
But here too you must follow any rules written out and even unwritten rules, which you will pick up very quickly if you read enough posts and see moderators edits and posts.
Unless you have old accounts, with good rep and lot's of past messages it's going to be risky for you to just start posting your video links, no mater how well you insert them into ongoing discussions and threads. Just like I mentioned in the previous several points, try to be a contributing member of a forum and you will get away with leaching views for your videos. At least keep a balance between being helpful and posting your links. Again, remember that you need your account for years to come so don't put it in danger of a ban just to get a few more views on a specific video.
45. Posted screenshots or thumbnails on Imgur and Pinterest, + links to video when possible
While I was doing promotion for my video on social media and websites I came across several people posting about how you can get more views if you link your videos to picture posts on Imgur and Pineterest.
Honestly, despite my best efforts, this hasn't lead to anything but me annoying the members of those communities. These folks are all about screenshots, photos and pictures. I think my video clicks are still in single digits even with dozens if not hundreds of posts. Ok, maybe I am doing it the wrong way?
I take out my best screenshots or even thumbnails, write up good descriptions, add tags and post these on Imgur and Pineterest. I do get a few comments, but for the most part I haven't been able to turn these into video views.
If you manage to do some good promotion on these websites please share with the rest of us how to do it successfully.
46. Posed on Steam client, game specific discussions
Here, unlike the websites I mentioned in the previous points I have had much better success. Granted, it's because Steam is a video game client with a community full with people who are the main audience of my content.
There are multiple ways I have used my text, pictures and videos to gain new viewers and subscribers on Steam's client.
a) posting my advice, tips and video as answers to questions in the discussion pages
b) linked my videos to specific game community content pages
c) posted my screenshots with video links in comments to specific game community content pages
d) written guides for games on their community content pages (more in point #47)
e) joined Steam community groups and posted my videos in the relevant conversations
Since I have made many gaming tutorials I read each specific game discussion, for which I have a tutorial made, and look for threads with titles like: "I need help", "How to do this" or "This isn't working". Then I did my best to provide helpful advice and tips, along side linking my videos on that subjects. I got really good feedback this way, which is a cool bonus.
Steam also gives you the ability to link you YouTube channel to it and then post your video directly to video community pages of each individual game. So, each time I upload a video about a game on Steam, I go to my profile, video, refresh my video list and add a video to it's specific community page. Then, I go the extra mile and ask my friends, on Steam, to add likes to the videos (on Steam). This helps the videos get more views, because they are places to the top of the list. I have noticed some people even use bots, to get really high numbers of likes(10x the average count), so that their videos would stay on top.
It's about the same with screenshots from games, with the addition of the video links in the comments of those screenshots.
Written guides are probably the best ways of getting more traffic for your videos from Steam community, but they also require the most work. You can go the easy way, and only adept your video's script to the guide's text, but you should also add some pictures and of course your video link. Or, you can spend the extra time to write a really good guide, add pictures with marked points(use Paint or something) to make points clearer, and then add your video links. The better the guide, the more recommendations it will get, and the long will it stay at the top of the the list, getting you new views for longer.
I have certain videos which get more views directed from these guides, then all the other sources of traffic, put together.
A good amount of traffic can be generated if you join active and large groups, about specific games on the Steam community, and interact with the members, to be able to post your video links with no limitations. Again, use common sense, and don't annoy people with too many links, and no human interactions.
Well, that would be part four of my "50+ things I have tried out to improve my channel...". I hope that you have had time to try out my advice and ideas from the parts 1., 2. and 3. and that you have read something in this part that you can use.
I would love to hear your feedback, and especially if you manage to use these ideas to improve your own channel.
The last part will be up next week as usual.
Thank you for reading, feel free to comment and ask. Do remember that this is all from my experience, and even if my writing style seams like I am telling you what YOU should do, it's only what my advice, from my experience, for you would be. You don't have to use it, you don't even have to agree with it. And if you don't agree with it, I would love to read why, it will help others to hear more opinions and experiences.
Have a nice day!
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Seasonal Business? Act Now if you want Covid Gov’t Funding

The new GOP “skinny” bill drops the much needed $58 billion in proposed loan funds for a new program set up to aid seasonal businesses, with incredible terms (1%, 20 years, and up to 2x revenue).
Unlike most businesses, seasonal business that could not run this year due to covid have to wait an entire year to “reopen” and need help more than non-seasonal businesses.
In 60 seconds, you can use resist.bot to write your congressional officials. Tell them to make sure that ANY bill that they pass with small business consideration and more PPP money includes Marc Rubio’s proposed coverage for seasonal businesses and its SBA 7(a) loan options.
Act Now, the bill is currently getting proposed and it may get a vote as early as this weekend!
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Yeah but thats only because that was a brown bear. Black bears and Polar bears are far more aggressive and more prone to killing people. Brown bears only attack if they feel threatened.
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"A word"
The french revolted and killed ~20,000 for their rights. Free speech is non-negotiable. The only other option is waiting under a guillotine.


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Whats the best way to find people to do PvE combat with?
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Where is the best place to grind Empire ranks right now?
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Skins Album Length
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Any body who pays for a IQ test should instantly fail it.
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Here are all positions commented in the last 24 hours


ALLY 3/20 30c
AMD 4/17 $43c
BA 250c 6/1
BA 4/9 $146c
BA 4/9 150c
COCK 420c 5/1
GME 50c 5/20
HAL 8c 6/19
MSFT 200c 3/20
MSFT 200c 3/20
MSFT 200c 4/17
MSFT 3/20 200c
MSFT 3/20 200c
MSFT 4/17 200c
SPY $253c 4/6
SPY $270c 4/17
SPY 05/15 350c
SPY 250c 4/6
SPY 270c 5/15
SPY 300c 4/9
SPY 300c 4/9
SPY 4/17 265c
SPY 4/17 415c
SPY 4/19 250c
SPY 4/9 $260c
SPY 420c 4/20
SPY 5/1 320c
SPY 6/19 $420c
TSLA 1000c 5/17
USO 6c 4/17
USO 9c 4/17
USO 9c 4/17
W 60c 4/9


BAC 20p 4/9
BYND 57p 4/17
GLD 145p 4/9
HYG 72p 4/17
INDA 6/19 22p
IWM 108p 5/15
SPY $170p 9/18
SPY $175p 5/15
SPY $180p 09/18
SPY $180p 4/9
SPY $210p 5/15
SPY $220p 4/9
SPY $251p 4/9
SPY 170p 5/1
SPY 180p 5/15
SPY 180p 7/17
SPY 200p 4/17
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SPY 240p 05/15
SPY 240p 4/17
SPY 252p 4/6
SPY 257p 5/22
SPY 259p 6/19
SPY 260p 5/15
SPY 4/17 $262p
SPY 4/17 195p
SPY 4/17 200p
SPY 4/17 220p
SPY 4/17 230p
SPY 4/17 240p
SPY 5/8 250p
SPY 6/19 $235p
SPY 9/30 220p
UCO $1p 5/15
and since im unable to capture all positions, heres some comments that might have plays in them:
6/17 200p 5/1 5/1 50/50 4/5 MM 6/19 4/9 4/22 PM 2/3 4/15 4/17 4/17 AT UF 4/10 9/11 COVID 17/4 NHS 4/20 LV 5/15 5/1 5/1 HYG 1/15 3/20 4/17 4/17 3/20 3/20 4/17 4/24 4/17 ETS 23407c 5/7 3c 20c US SPXS 4/8 BP 4/17 4/8 4/17 $ROPE QR TLT LEAPS EZ NO 4/17 SPY VIX 4/17 JS QE 7/17 4/9 IQ ES RCL 4/8 6/19 4/17 NOX XYZ 3/31 DBZ TQQQ 4/8 5/15 4/17 6/18 5/4 5/15 05/15 230p 135p 230p 200p 232p 4/09 6/19 4/17 5/15 3/20 CV ALL 4/17 6/19 5/1 3/15 1/15 1/15 7/17 50/50 4/17 OLAY 4/17 4/9 SPY 1/3 5/15 2/2 FED 8c 1/5 WHO MMT TT 1/3 DV UNEMP 6/19 4/3 4/24 OP 05/15 3/16 DD 4/17 4/13 1/10 SAVIN DD GDP CNBC 4/20 OPEN US 4/17 5/1 4/17 3/23 GPC DA 50/50 04/09 US 4/17 4/17 4/6 UN 3/20 3/20 MM 4/9 28C COVID 4/9 4/23 5/15 5/1 04/27 5/1 5/1 5/1 NSA 4/17 1/5 YOLO ZIRG 4/17 4/17 4/9 DT EDE BRRRR 51/50 GA 4/6 3/4 9c NF TP 17c 4/20 4/20 3/10 9/11 US 4/10 4/13 LOGM 4/17 COVID WSB EVERY 4/7 WE 4/17 4/17 CCP 5/15 4/17 4/17 24/7 US LPT TV 4/17 CLBTD 4/17 5/1 SPY GC JPM USD XTL RT 4/17 CNBC SBA REIT 50/50 VJ XZ NA 9/11 5/15 HEHE 10p NYC 4/17 9/11 IMF 0c 4/17 TN TIRED GDP JP 5/15 RH 5/15 4/9 BUT 4/6 7C MM 3c 4/17 4/17 5/15 SAUDI 6/21 NYC BREAK 4/17 TUNNE 4/13 4/17 0c 5/15 BRITI 4/8 CNBC 5/15 SPY WSBG BREAK SPY 5/1 4/17 4/20 5/15 6/1 4/17 4/17 4/6 04/17 SPY SPY USD UR 4/6 ICU 0p 4/9 NYC BULL 5/15 4/9 4/17 5/1 4/6 4/24 4/9 5/1 4/17 06/19 DD US 6c 4/17 BAHAH 5/1 4/6 3/31 70/30 10/16 4/20 RETAR 9/11 30p HTF 4/17 4/17 4/9 3/20 YOLO 4/09 4/17 4/17 MO 4/24 4/17 NFLX NY 4/17 2c US 70770p WSJ 17p 04/09 4/17 04/24 4/17 SPY 4/17 49/50 4/24 9/11 5/15 BS 260p 4/9 PM 4/9 4/8 5/15 OHD NYC 4/6 US 9/11 ICU 30p 4/9 NYC 4/8 255p NYC 4/17 ICU ICU OM 4/17 UK 5/8 50/50
Edit: source code: http://www.github.com/BlueOink/wsbfeels
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Someone on this sub was asking for help earlier and I thought I pretty much compiled all the advice I have for climbing out of low elo with jungle.

Just focus on one champ and learn their micro the the degree that you can outjungle every game. You’ll be surprised at how much of an impact that has; certainly enough to get to bronze. I only play rengar because I think if you spread yourself too thin over multiple champs you won’t be great at any of them. I just live and breathe rengar, watch streams, vods, YouTube videos, highlights, videos people post on Reddit, etc. I know exactly how far his e will go, without the indicator. I know his w range, also without the indicator. I know what abilities I will have to use to oneshot someone, I know that I can solo dragon at level 5 but not 4, I know that my jump range from a bush is a little larger than the indicator suggests. I build the same items, take the same runes every game so don’t worry about that. Don’t listen to teammates because they don’t say anything useful. Literally never ever. I watch challenger players and no one types useful things in their chat.
  1. ⁠One trick a champ that can 1v1 other champs or can carry (or at least does damage)
  2. ⁠Play a champ where you can build the same items and take the same runes every game (for simplicity) NOT kayn because his forms are basically 2 different champs
  3. ⁠Don’t be worried about spreading ganks evenly around all 3 lanes. Think about how if a laner like trynd is able to build a big enough lead, he might carry late game - but don’t feel obligated to gank because someone asked. Ganking a lane that’s winning is great because you can get free gold and exp basically if the enemy is really behind. When you gank top on blue side, walk from the river if they’re pushed up. It’s a lot easier to gank red side because you can walk from tribush and they don’t have to be pushed up as far for you to gank. If your side of the map doesn’t have tri topside then you will have tri to gank from on botside. Just look at when players are low or pushed up to gank. Mid and bot, you will ALWAYS win with a player advantage in low elo. Some top champs can 1v2, though, so be careful.
  4. ⁠This is important: when ganking, think about whether you have enough damage BY YOURSELF to kill the enemy laner. You can’t expect your team to help. In skirmishes as well, think about whether you will be able to escape if the enemy laner comes and yours doesn’t.
  5. ⁠Once you know your champ really well, you will know whether you can win a 1v1 just by looking at health bars. Also keep track of what abilities they have just used. Often when ganking look for them to use something like a cc ability or vlad’s w and then go in. Junglers (maybe I’m just saying this as a rengar main) are almost always stronger than laners UNTIL 20 MINUTES. Unless you pick graves or yi.
  6. ⁠DONT PLAY TANKS IN LOW ELO. YOUR TEAM WILL NOT CARRY YOU AND YOU WONT BE ABLE TO CARRY SINCE YOU DO NO DAMAGE. This includes red kayn imo unless you build full damage
  8. ⁠Don’t worry about objectives, especially rift herald. It’s utter trash. Never do it. Dragons are good, but only if you have nothing to gank and no fights to take.
  9. ⁠People in this elo try to do baron when they can’t. Try to kill at least 3 enemies and then 5 man baron. Wait until 30+ minutes usually.
  10. ⁠Don’t flame or listen to flame. These people have 0 iq, and you’re trying to put them in a backpack and get out of this elo. They should be thanking you. You can tax some minions when you gank. This is the mindset you should have. Try to last hit kills, don’t let them take your jungle camps, don’t let them take buffs EVER unless they’re really fed (5/0 at 12 minutes, for example, or an adc that’s 10/3 at the end of laning phase). DONT LISTEN TO CALLS THAT IRON PLAYERS MAKE. THIS WHOLE PARAGRAPH MIGHT MAKE ME SOUND LIKE A SHITTY PERSON BUT ITS TO HELP YOU NOT BE AFRAID. I don’t actually do (all) that stuff, but usually the jungler should make the calls.
  11. ⁠Late game make sure that lanes are pushing to the enemy’s side of the map. Do not ARAM. Split for a minute or 2 at a time to prevent getting caught. Shove 1 wave or 2 and leave. Be at dragons the second they spawn late game. Keep baron warded at all times.
  12. ⁠Use pings to communicate. Spam danger pings to tell your team to back off from a fight they don’t win, and ping OMW when you’re ganking. Use question marks and danger pings when someone is roaming or when the enemy jungler is ganking. VERY IMPORTANT.
  13. ⁠Don’t use items with actives, for simplicity’s sake. Maybe you have potions, and a Tiamat. That should be all.
  14. ⁠Practice mechanics in the practice tool, until you know your champ inside and out.
  15. ⁠If your champ is stronger at level 2, invade the enemy buff early if you know what side they started on. You’d be surprised how many games I can get a 3 buff start WITHOUT ANY TEAMMATES ROTATING.
  16. ⁠Stick to jungle, it’s a very good role for low elo.
  17. ⁠Gank a lot. When you impose your presence on enemy lanes, they will be afraid of you.
  18. ⁠Get a sweeper (red trinket/oracle lens) and clear wards. This is so good. When you’re invading as well, it’s very good to know whether you’ve been seen or not.
  19. ⁠Look at the minimap when you’re invading. If an enemy isn’t in lane, they’re probably coming to you.
  20. ⁠Look at enemy item builds often by pulling up the scoreboard and think about how that will affect how much damage you will do to them and how much they will do to you.
  21. ⁠Don’t duo with people in ranked. You will feel obligated to gank them, and you will feel bad if you lose. Irl friendships are ruined in league.
  22. ⁠Team comps don’t matter in this elo. Encourage people in champ select to pick the champ they’re the BEST at. That’s what matters.
  23. ⁠Be positive in chat. I used to flame people, but I’ve found that I win more games when I say “GJ” or something like that in chat when someone makes a play or gets a kill in lane. People not doing this for you is what made you afraid. But we’re going to get you back on your feet, and get you at least to bronze, by god.
  24. ⁠In terms of that, be confident. When you die or mess up, see it as a mistake, not as you being a bad player. Faker dies a lot in solo queue. Let these mistakes motivate you. When I die early, it’s almost like I swear revenge. Become merciless. Farm a few camps, take ganks where the enemy is low and then you will be able to match players later in the game. This isn’t to say just respawn and run straight at the person again.
  25. ⁠Use the minimap to see when camps are respawning. When it’s a darker yellow hourglass, it’s about to respawn. When it’s a dot, it’s up.
  26. ⁠Relating to the above point: use it to see when enemy buffs are coming up. As soon as it comes up you can be there, and if you see the enemy jungler on the map or they’re dead, you can take it. If they’re MIA, then wait a couple of seconds (20-30) and if they come you can wait as they take damage from the buff and then kill them as it gets low. Or you can take it quickly before they come and depending on how much health and cooldowns you have you can ambush them.
  27. ⁠When you kill the enemy jungler, invade their jungle while you know they are dead. But be aware of their respawn timer.
  28. ⁠Lane ganking from bushes is a very good option. But you have to be sure minions aren’t in range to give the enemy vision of you.
  29. ⁠Use your flash to get into a bush or over a wall to get more use out of it, instead of just flashing in lane.
  30. ⁠Practice sidestepping skillshots. A lot of players in low elo could die less if they sidestepped skillshots. If you don’t know what to do, just be aware of cooldowns and if someone is chasing you, move erratically instead of in a straight line.
  31. ⁠Don’t play on locked screen. It’s an adjustment at first, but you will get used to it and your map awareness will increase by about 10 times.
  32. ⁠You can’t win every game. In low elo, you might not even be able to win 50% - I can’t. But you can have a good kda and kill participation every game, and deal the most damage on your team. This is how you flip the script and become the player that others fear, instead of the one who’s afraid. You will be the one carrying other players, instead of the one being carried - and you will definitely win more games.
  33. ⁠Low elo is a mental game. All ranked is but especially low elo. If you can get into people’s heads, you can beat them.
I hope this helped. I peaked silver last season, and am on my way back. I placed bronze 4, but got to 100 lp and SKIPPED A DIVISION to bronze 2 (before people flame me). I feel like my kdas are pop off caliber almost every game, and I carry frequently, even against silvers (and golds in norms). I don’t play that much ranked - I have less than 50 games this season. If I played enough games I could definitely get at least to silver.
Thats the main thing about playing ranked: you have to play a lot to climb since your winrate will be around 50% at best unless you’re smurfing.
Maybe it’s rengar, but look at these kdas, kp, and damage. Players in low elo can take over the rift. Almost every game in the post game lobby players tell me I was the better jungler, even if I lost, and ask me if I’m a smurf account.
I hope all this helped. League is supposed to be fun, so I hope you can find a champ that you have fun playing. Then take that champ to their limits.
Just focus on outjungling. You can’t control your teammates. God knows people don’t listen in low elo. I know.
But if you can pop off, you can have fun, and you can be confident.
Best of luck, keep fighting, and don’t listen to flame.
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